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St.Petersburg, Russia

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imagesCost Saving /Profit Growth
Cost saving projects, profit and stability increase, financial parameters and controllability improvement, working capital increase. 


images (2)Lean Manufacturing/Thinking Implementation

Globally used system implementation to decrease costs, provide transparency, business stability and continuous improvement. 


Quality Improvement

Quality system set up, quality improvement projects, "poor quality" costs reduction, co-operation with suppliers acceleration, measurement system set up, nonconforming product management.


Productivity increase

Productivity increase without extra resources, system providing same production volume with less resources, capacity increase, stocks reduction, resources optimization.



   Theoretical and practical training, workshops, specific programmes for each customer.

  Topics: Lean Manufacturing, management tools, ISO\TS 16949 tools, quality methods and many others.

зонтик (обрезанная листовка_без услуг)Management

 Crisis management, supplier audits to decrease prices.