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St.Petersburg, Russia

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Briefly about us


OPTIMUM provides practical consulting and expert analysis services in: Manufacturing, Quality, Logistics, Production Systems, Purchasing, Finance HR for manufacturing and service companies.


OPTIMUM evaluates all areas of the company (or the ones chosen by the customer for further improvement) to identify the value of each process from the moment an order is received untill product/service delivery. Analyzing the value of each step of your process flow, we identify sources of loss and waste. Then we work out waste/loss elimination ideas/actions that give our partners competitive advantages and significantly improve their financial results.


 images (2)In our work, we apply proven and globally used tools and methods of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to help our Partner to achieve the best results. 



Our Mission   Maximum benefit for our Partner with minimum expense.


Our Strategic Goal Integration and long-term partnership to provide profitable and stable development of our Partners. We work with Partners continuously to evaluate the results of implemented actions. Partnership is our key task.


We treat our clients like colleagues (members of the same team). Working hand-in-hand with our client’s personnel, your employees will study methods for improvements that they will be able to use in their future work without assistance.


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 We accept this challenge! We approach you to make your company more competitive and profitable.