By this letter, CJSC NESCO ST. PETERSBURG expresses its gratitude to Optimum LLC, personally to Kirill Vladilenovich Mesenyashin, for organizing and conducting training on the basic tools of Lean manufacturing. As part of the training, a project was implemented to optimize the process of "Acceptance of goods from suppliers". The VSM method was chosen as the main tool for the implementation of this project - building a Value stream Map. The key results of the project team's work were a reduction in the time of acceptance of goods from suppliers by 2.5 times, while simultaneously improving the quality of the process.

We believe that the training and successful implementation of the project provided the first and most important impetus for the further development of the culture of Lean manufacturing and the introduction of LEAN tools in all key areas of our company's activities.


BALTECH Company thanks its partner OPTIMUM company for conducting training on Lean Manufacturing and its tools.

During the training, a number of exercises were conducted to better understand the material, many practical examples of the implementation of Lean manufacturing tools and best practices used in advanced factories. Interactive contact was maintained with the audience.


The EUROPANORAMA company expresses its gratitude to the OPTIMUM company, which carried out measures to improve work efficiency in the period from August 2015 to January 2016.

During this time, an analysis of operational activities was carried out, on the basis of which measures to reduce costs and optimize operational processes were proposed and implemented.

Activities include increased productivity, reduced downtime, improved quality and interaction between departments, a plan to reduce raw materials stocks (increase working capital), the introduction of a 55 system, increased labor discipline, reduced overtime, visual management, occupational safety and staff training


In March 2016, Optimum conducted an audit of production processes and management activities in our company. The management of the Nevsky Poster Group of Companies expresses its gratitude to Kirill Mesenyashin and Natalia Matviychuk for the proposed actions on
To increase productivity by: optimizing flows; eliminating unnecessary transitions; improving the organization of warehouse and production; improving the standardization of operations; introducing "transparent" order control; improving ergonomics (reducing negative factors); training employees in implemented innovations; optimizing inventory and procurement management; optimizing logistics (including transportation of finished products).

To improve the Management System by: improving the Planning System; cascading goals and objectives; optimizing the organizational structure of the company; optimizing the working hours for a number of employees; measures to prevent customer losses; measures to improve nonconformity management systems and Problem Solving; optimizing the meeting schedule for the implementation of the above actions; improving the Employee Feedback System; creating a System of continuous improvements (ideas and suggestions from employees aimed at the benefit of the company); identify "white spots" in relations with Government agencies and propose specific measures to adjust compliance with their requirements (eliminate inconsistencies).

Getting to know Optimum allowed us to look at our company from the outside, which gave us an incentive for further changes and updates. We are glad to partner with the Optimum company and wish it long-term successful projects!


Based on the results of the training on optimization of production processes, the management of TREV-ERGON LLC thanks Optimum LLC, represented by Kirill Mesenyashin and Natalia Matviychuk, for practically oriented training on lean production techniques / tools: Value Stream Mapping (VSM Value Stream Mapping) Timekeeping; Yamazumy Board; Spaghetti Diagram; Standardization; Rapid Conversion (SMED) with an analysis of specific examples and suggestions identified during observation on the evaluated production line, when compiling a Value Stream Mapping (VSM Value Stream Mapping) and Evaluating the effectiveness of conversion (SMED).
The result of practical training was:

  • Complete analysis using the VSM lean manufacturing tool. The following were carried out: assessment of the current state of the line, detailed step-by-step flow analysis, determination of the value of processes, development of a future value stream map with a list of proposals for improving the production process (reducing the cycle time of the "narrow throat" process, improving workplace ergonomics, etc.), communications, planning, training, etc.
  • Specific proposals for optimizing time readjustments


When our company faced the need to optimize the company, we invited Optimum LLC to conduct an audit and identify the weaknesses of the company. As a result, we managed to redistribute functional responsibilities among employees and reduce staff.

Thanks to the introduction of tenders when ordering materials, we have created a database of suppliers and get the most favorable prices.

Production staff minimize waste and defects in the manufacture of parts, since now this indicator is included in the effectiveness of their work.

These and other proposed measures made it possible to reduce the costs of the organization, minimize losses, and increase the profitability and profitability of the enterprise.

I can confidently recommend Kirill Mesenyashin as an experienced auditor who helps to see the problems of his organization, get a plan for overcoming crisis situations, entrust the work of motivating both office and production employees.


I would like to express my gratitude to Kirill Mesenyashin for the audit of our company's production.

After the audit, a number of key problems in the planning and management of production processes were identified.

The joint work helped to identify specific actions to correct the shortcomings. A method for calculating parts in a batch, the minimum required amount of inventory, and a method for determining the number and time of equipment changeovers are defined. A list of measures to reduce losses has been compiled. A system of motivation for ITR through CRI has been developed.


JSC Nefrit-Ceramics expresses its gratitude to OPTIMUM LLC for long-term fruitful cooperation in the following areas: Audit of the management system; Staff training; Development of key indicators; Development of a quality management system and problem solving; A project to reduce changeover time. The results of the joint work were increased productivity, improved quality, and reduced costs."

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