cost cutting

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OPTIMUM will perform an expert assessment of the current situation in your company and propose measures to improve it.


  • To help you increase profitability \ reduce costs;
  • To develop your competitive advantages:
    • Improve the quality;
    • Increase productivity;
  • Reduce the lead time of orders;
  • Optimize resource usage;
  • Increase the stability of your company and assess the areas where you are losing money by solving problems:
    • Optimization of working capital;
    • Improvement of the internal control system.
  • Propose measures to eliminate or significantly reduce losses: coordinate the implementation of planned activities:
    • Conducting quality improvement projects;
  • Performance optimization:
    • reduced downtime;
    • determining performance standards;
    • optimization of resources used in the process;
  • Optimization of stocks, routes and principles of delivery of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products;
  • Improve the skills of your employees by providing the necessary training and practice;
  • To offer and train your employees in Lean Manufacturing techniques and tools to maintain the implemented improvements and extend them to all production sites of the enterprise;
  • Develop / implement / control an optimal Production System, taking into account the "bottlenecks" of your company, the maintenance of which will allow you to work systematically.


  • Successful implementation of projects to reduce the level of scrap (including technological) and the costs of its disposal, as well as the costs associated with waste;
  • Reducing staff costs;
  • Reduction of equipment maintenance and logistics costs;
  • Increasing productivity and reducing in-house inventory by more than 25%, including through the introduction of a Kanban pulling System;
  • Successful application of Lean manufacturing tools and techniques; Implementation / Maintenance / Control Of Production Systems;
    • TRM (Universal Equipment Maintenance) - Reduction of downtime due to equipment breakdowns by increasing the % implementation of the Universal Equipment Maintenance System;
    • SMED (Rapid Retrofitting) - Reduction of conversion time by more than 50%;
    • WORK BALANCE BOARD (Yamazumi system - work balance board):
    • Reducing the number of personnel required for the process due to competent regulation and rebalancing of lines;
    • Reducing process time by identifying non-value-adding operations, followed by elimination/reduction;
    • Increased productivity due to the introduction of the 5S System: An increase in the % of the implementation of the Workplace Organization System from 35% to 98%;
    • Standardization of processes: development of standard technological maps / visualization / simplification of training / reduction of defects / increase in productivity;
    • RED CORNER (Incident Management System) - reducing the level of defects due to the Quality Incident Management System;
    • VSM (KPCC Value Stream Map) - increase productivity, reduce intermediate stocks and optimize resources;
    • RISK ASSESSMENT - reducing the level of incidents in the field of occupational safety, ecology and industrial safety;
  • Development / implementation / tracking of key performance indicators (key customers) of the enterprise;
  • Development of software for training/advanced training of personnel and management techniques.A virtual office for your company to work, communicate and collaborate - at home or in the office.
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